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Online Earning Websites For Students: Start Today! No Investment

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In today’s modern times, there are many ways to earn money. Earning money online is one of them. Many people are earning money online by using their skills. There are many ways to earn money online, such as freelancing, affiliate marketing, blogging etc. Nowadays, along with studies, students are also earning money from online earning websites. In this article you will know about some such online earning websites for students. With the help of these websites you can start earning money, you just have to be consistent and keep improving your skills.

Types of Online Earning Websites For Students

The methods of earning money on different types of websites are also different. For your convenience, we have given below the information about what work needs to be done to earn money on online earning websites:

Teaching or Tutoring Websites

On such websites you have to read or teach something to children or other people. If you are fond of reading and writing and have a good command over your subject, then you can earn money by doing online teaching.

For that, you will have to register on a website providing online teaching service and on some websites you may also have to give an examination before starting work, such as “Chegg”.

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Freelancing Websites

Currently, many freelancing websites have emerged, such as Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, etc. On these websites, some people provide work and some people do those works. Transactions for all these works are done online.

These websites work as a bridge between the seller and the buyer. Here people offer their services like graphic designing, coding, digital marketing etc. to others in exchange for money. When any deal is finalized, these websites take some commission for providing a reliable and secure platform.

To earn money from a freelancing website, first of all you have to see which work you can do efficiently. If you do not have any skill in any work, then you can learn some work in a month or two and start earning money from freelancing websites.

Partner Programs / Affiliate Websites

There are many websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho etc. which allow you to share their services and products in your network.

To earn money from partner programs or affiliate websites, you will have to sell some service or product of that website. You also get money for generating leads on some websites.

Survey or Task-Based Websites

There are many websites like YSense on which you can earn money by participating in surveys or completing simple daily tasks. Such websites collect the answers given by you to the surveys and daily tasks and sell them to big companies.

Many times, such websites get their users to conduct surveys of big companies (which want to know the behavior of their customers) and in return earn money from those companies. And such websites give a small part of that money to their users.

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Online Marketplace for Selling and Buying

You can sell photos, videos, music, sound effects, ebooks etc. in the online market. There are many websites like Dreamstime, Shutterstock etc. which pay you for posting rich and quality digital media on their website.

Such websites sell the content posted by you to their clients and earn money. The original content creator also gets some percentage of the money earned.

Content Creation Platforms or Websites

Examples of content creation platforms and websites are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Medium, Quora, etc. To earn money from such websites, you have to create content (like any kind of video, music, articles etc.).

It may take time to make money this way, although it is not certain how much. It depends on your content. If you are a student then you can work on these types of websites, who knows it may become your full-time career. Read to know how to earn money from Instagram platform.

Online Earning Websites For Students Without Investment

By now you must have understood what things can be done to earn money from online websites. Given below are 12 Online Earning Websites For Students Without Investment. So lets know about these websites one by one:



Fiverr is a freelancing site where freelancers from all over the world offer their services and earn money in return. On Fiverr, customers avail various types of digital services and make payments to freelancers.

Here you can provide many types of services, such as logo design, article writing, WordPress design, etc. Here, Fiverr acts as a bridge between the service taker and the provider and takes some commission on every deal.

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Website namefiverr
Method of earningThis is a freelancing website, you can do as per your choice. You can find work on it and earn money
Launching date2010
Amount of money you can earn~3.5 Lakhs/Year


meesho website

Meesho is an ecommerce website. You can sell your products on Meesho. Apart from this, you can promote the products through social media so that their sales increase. Electronics, clothes, kitchen items, decorative items etc. are sold on Meesho.

Website nameMeesho
Method of earningCan sell products and promote them on social media to earn money online
Launching date2015
Amount of money you can earn~10K to 25K Rupees/Month



Well, you can earn money by selling goods online on eBay. But without any investment you can do affiliate marketing on eBay and earn money. You just have to maintain patience while doing this work. Know more about amazon affiliate marketing

Website nameebay
Method of earningYou can do affiliate marketing of products.
Launching date1995
Amount of money you can earnupto 50K Rupees/Month



Taskrabbit is an online platform where you have to complete tasks to earn money. You can choose any task as per your choice from the list of tasks given on the website and provide your service to the clients.

You can also earn money by referring new clients on taskrabbit. When someone you refer completes a task, you earn a referral fee.

Website nametaskrabbit
Method of earningBy completing tasks and referring them to clients
Launching date2008
Amount of money you can earnupto 7K Rupees/Month


banana bucks

Banana Bucks is a website on which you can earn money by doing many types of activities. On this website you can earn money by playing small games online, taking part in surveys and watching videos. Apart from this, there are many other types of activities by which you can earn money.

Website nameBanana Bucks
Method of earningBy playing short online games and taking surveys
Launching date2021
Amount of money you can earnupto 5K Rupees/Month



Guru is an online freelancing marketplace where people hire skilled freelancers. You can earn money by freelancing from Guru website. You just need to have some skill.

You can find engineering & architecture, sales & marketing, Web, software, writing, IT, translation, design and art gigs on guru.com

Website nameGuru
Method of earningThis is also a freelancing website. where you can do many types of work.
Launching date2007
Amount of money you can earnupto 30K Rupees/Month



You can earn money by watching and browsing videos on this website. You can win prizes and gifts by participating in online surveys. After creating an account on this, you will have to do some tasks daily, only then you will get rewards.

Website nameswagbucks
Method of earningYou can do so by watching videos, browsing and doing other
Launching date2008
Amount of money you can earnupto 5 Dollar/Day

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